When Is It Right to Delegate Tasks?

Modern workplaces are full of dangers – but we are not talking about pulled out office chairs and week-old milk in the staff kitchen. Workplace stress is one of the biggest concerns for modern businesses and a string of incidents are evidencing that many workplaces are not good for our health.

One way of reducing that stress is by working to achievable deadlines with considerate workloads. Some of the busiest CEOs and managers have a difficult time at achieving such a balance, but it would be possible if they delegated correctly. Find out why delegation is so valuable and when is the best time to delegate right here.

Delegation Is a Valuable Skill

When writing a high-level CV one of the skills not always mentioned is delegation, which is a shame and a mistake. Delegation is one of the best skills to have if you are in a high position and especially necessary for CEOs and managers. Without competent delegation, tasks can pile up and result in health worries and poor business results.

It can be hard to delegate because it requires us to let go and lose some control over the process and the final result. Yet, by delegating work, it also shows team members that you trust them, which builds confidence among everyone.

Overall, businesses can work better as a group to shared goals and even foster a more productive working environment. The results from effective delegation benefit everyone, team morale and revenue.

Where Can You Delegate Work?

The first point of call to delegate work is team members around those in charge. Often middle managers and personal assistants receive most of the delegated tasks, including menial administrative duties.

Yet, it can be more effective to delegate work such as administration to external professionals. A new wave of virtual assistants has taken hold where busy bosses outsource tasks to skilled professionals so their internal staff can work on more pressing and important projects. These professionals are available with a few clicks online, en email or a phone call, and they can start work almost immediately.

Knowing When It’s Right to Delegate Tasks

Delegation is not always needed, but it is always helpful to those swamped with tasks. Here are some of the best times to consider sharing the workload, either in-house or externally:

  1. When you’re struggling to cope – some reports suggest that now is the worst time for workplace stress and people are really struggling to cope. Anxiety, depression and disturbed family lives are all consequences of unachievable workloads. If this sounds familiar it is time to delegate.
  2. During busier periods – businesses may not need extra help throughout the whole of the year. Some periods such as Christmas or during the lead up to an event may require more hands on deck. This is a good time to delegate to external professionals.
  3. Non-specific business tasks – the best type of work to delegate are tasks that all businesses have to complete and are not specific to the business’s industry. For example, payroll admin or IT tasks that are time consuming but easy for another person to pick up.
  4. When you know someone’s strengths – it is crucial that management-level staff know the background of their team because it will unearth unique skills and capabilities. By reading their CVs and working history, it is possible to tap into these experiences and delegate certain projects at the right time. Sometimes the skills are not close by and outsourcing again becomes a viable delegation option.

Delegate to Anna Burton

Anna Burton has been helping CEOs, managers and consultants to delegate tasks and outsource to industry trailblazers. If you need to outsource admin, IT, bookkeeping or specialist projects – we can help!

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