What is a virtual assistant

The average British professional is overworked and it has a significant negative influence on their health, including an increased risk of having a stroke. The number of hours worked each week increases among bosses, CEOs and managers – and so do the health risks.

One way of combatting this problem is through delegation and employing more people to contribute to tasks and reduce individual responsibilities. This is one of the many reasons why virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. Read on to learn what a virtual assistant does and how they are helping businesses.

So, What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant works as an assistant to other professionals – mostly bosses – and usually carries out administrative, bookkeeping, secretarial or IT support services. Note, some companies offer these services via virtual assistants which are in fact AI machines and chatbots.

A human virtual assistant will execute their tasks and responsibilities remotely, meaning the assistant and their employer do not work together in person. Instead they will communicate via emails, phone, video calls or even freelancing platforms to organise workloads and deadlines.

Working remotely in this way is part of a growing trend among professionals. According to one study reported in Forbes, around 70% of office workers now work remotely for one day per week, and over half of office workers will work outside the office for half of the week or longer.

Why People Hire Virtual Assistants

There are lots of reasons why businesses and individuals are choosing to hire virtual assistants. Some of the biggest reasons include:

  • Those employers and individuals are having to keep up with the worker’s demand for remote work.
  • Employing a virtual assistant can be done on a project basis so bosses do not have to employ them as part of their firm. Contractors should however be aware of the tax war currently taking place over IR35.
  • Furthermore, they may be called on as an addition to in-house assistants during busy periods.
  • A growth in renowned companies and freelancing platforms enables businesses to source the best virtual assistants effortlessly.
  • Individuals also get to avoid long and somewhat expensive recruitment processes.
  • Easy access to a wealth of talent in a range of niches (some virtual assistants offer skills outside of administration).

Virtual Assistants Get Results!

The aforementioned reasons to hire a virtual assistant are all great benefits to the person hiring one. However, there is another standout benefit of hiring these remote assistants.

Due to these assistants being contracted on a project basis, their role usually comes with a specific set of deliverables and their fee is subject to them delivering on these objectives. Thus, remote workers are often hard workers and highly productive. They get their work done to a high standard and swiftly so they can continue to offer services to others and increase their own income.

Yet, not every virtual assistant is a good assistant. You need to know the best places to find the best.

Where Can You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants will often advertise their skills on freelancing websites. You can use these platforms to check out their portfolio, experience and most importantly – their reviews.

You could also use a dedicated company that has an excellent reputation for providing competent virtual assistants. Anna Burton is exactly that and offers clients the opportunity to take advantage of a carefully selected pool of talent, including the best and most experienced virtual assistants.

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