What Can A Virtual Assistant Help Me With?

Need an extra pair of hands during a busy business period? Or maybe your personal life and professional responsibilities are flooding your desk? Virtual assistant services may be the solution.

Learn about the wide range of services that are offered by the best virtual assistants – and where you can hire a UK virtual assistant.

The Most Common Business Services of a Virtual Assistant

When you choose a virtual assistant, it is almost certain that you will have bespoke needs to be met. However, most services offered by these assistants fall into one of the following categories:

#1: Admin
Administration tasks are popular services because they often don’t require specialist industry knowledge and can be done with minimum input from the business. These types of tasks may range from data entry to bookkeeping and client communications.

#2: PA Business Support
Managing your professional agenda is another service you can obtain from these assistants. This may include arranging meetings, communicating with external clients and their assistants, or even transcription of meeting minutes.

#3: Finance Services
Virtual assistants can also help with tasks usually left to finance departments. Depending on their previous skills and qualifications, they could offer payroll support, accounting and VAT returns, credit control services and alike.

#4: HR Support
Virtual assistants can help with all aspects of the recruitment process from devising job descriptions to screening clients remotely on telephone interviews. Outsourcing these tasks can save your business considerable time and resources, while also choosing recruitment specialists to get results.

#5: Bespoke Project Support
An assistant may be able to provide services for specific projects. It is easy to find a VA with presentation creation skills, grant writing, speech writing, translation skills and even data analysis or report writing.

#6: Social Media Management
Managing social media to interact with your market and generate leads is also possible through a virtual assistant. This is just one aspect of marketing services that these remote professionals can offer.

#7: Industry Compliance
Complying with regulations can be outsourced to virtual assistants with experience in GDPR, risk management and health and safety documentation.

What About Lifestyle Virtual Assistant Services?

Not all virtual assistants are used for their business skills and professional qualifications. Sometimes an individual will hire a virtual assistant to take care of personal tasks. A lifestyle virtual assistants can reduce stress and help the individual focus their energy elsewhere, even on their working life. Some examples of what a personal virtual assistant can help you with include:
• Diary management
• Booking appointments, hotels, holidays etc.
• Communicating with other personal staff such as nannies, drivers etc.
• Taking care of personal insurance, grocery deliveries and similar responsibilities
• Sourcing furniture and materials for home improvements
• Getting quotes
• Comparing household utility providers
• Helping arrange car MOTs

Are My Tasks Kept Confidential?
If it is your first time working with a virtual assistant, you may have concerns that sensitive business matters or personal information is being placed in unknown hands. The best virtual assistants operate with 100% discretion and can be trusted to keep matters to themselves. This is why it is best to use a self-employed virtual assistant with stellar reviews or use a company that vets their assistants before recruiting them to their team.

Where Can I Find UK Virtual Assistants?
Anna Burton virtual assistant has become a popular place for business and Individuals needing short or long-term support. Now in partnership with The Administration Hub,  receive the best Kent and London virtual assistant support with us!

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