Adapt to the Remote Working World with an Accredited Course

You and your staff can be more confident about working from home with a dedicated online remote working course provided by The Administration Hub, leaders in remote services. 

Working from home looks set to stay after many businesses found that enabling working from home did not disrupt processes or hinder productivity like they may have once thought. In fact, one study reported by the BBC states that remote working can increase productivity by as much as 13%. 

But not everyone knows how to work from home effectively and get it right, which suggests that learning materials and training should be provided to help staff work well as a team from home. 

Why Staff Need Training to Work Remotely 

Not every worker will transform into an effective remote worker overnight. Some may have problems with the new technologies needed, others may find it hard to deal without the watercooler small talk they always thought they disliked.  

It is easy for us to assume that working from home is an easy transition. But it is not just a new desk or a different view from the window; it is a complete shift in mentality and a different way of communicating and working as a team. The bottom line is that all staff should be trained on how to work remotely, even if it is simply a short online course.   

The Benefits to Employers 

If employers can train their staff on how to work remotely, it could maintain or increase their employees job satisfaction – and consequently defend against high staff turnover. But this isn’t the only benefit of remote work training for employers.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Maintain or increase productivity 
  • Enhance remote working relationships 
  • Stay profitable during challenging times such as COVID-19
  • Defend against complaints, risks and adhering to employer regulations 

What Remote Working Courses Are Available? 

In light of recent events, a number of providers have tried to create online courses to train individuals, staff members and employers on the ways to make remote working work.   

There are a growing number of options available, but one of the best can be found at The Administration Hub. Their company is based on remote working and they know more than a thing or two about being a remote worker.    

They have created an accredited e-learning course that is designed to provide professionals from any industry with the knowledge that will make them feel comfortable in their new remote roles. Moreover, it gives employers confidence in their staff to continue doing a good job. 

The Administration Hub Remote Working Course in Detail 

The Administration Hub’s course is split into 13 modules that cover the most fundamental aspects of remote working, such as health & wellness, communication and security  when working from home. Each module is around ten minutes in length and will give workers new trailblazing information that they can really put into use 

Once your staff have completed the course, they will be awarded a certificate and you will be given a digital badge that can be applied to your website or other marketing materials. Displaying a remote working qualification within your team can be effective at instilling confidence in prospective clients and increasing sales. 

Is This Remote Working Online Course Just for Businesses? 

Although lots of businesses are choosing to use the course and enrol all of their staff, it is not exclusive to companies. Individuals wanting to better their remote working knowledge and freelancers can choose to enrol to gain the essential skills for working remotely. 

Head on over to The Administration Hub now to check it out! 

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