2020 In Review

Develop a work environment where you can thrive whilst building agile work structures to help you flourish in the marketplace. Opportunities to empower yourself.


As 2020 draws to a close, many of us are ready to shut the chapter on this roller coaster year! When the global pandemic (COVID-19) hit, it fundamentally changed how we viewed our world. Living through 2020 has forever altered our attitudes and behaviours as customers, employees, employers, and humans. It accelerated substantial changes in the way we communicate, build, and operate as individuals and as businesses.

Companies were forced to speedily re-evaluate where their staff worked from and learnt how various digital channels of communications could be utilised to support their employees and most importantly the clients they served.


As 2021 approaches one thing is clear – agile working is here to stay! Global brands like Google, Amazon and Twitter recently announced to their workforce that remote working will form part of their long-term company strategy.

This time last year no one could have predicted the challenges of 2020 and the obstacles it presented. However, our local sister company, The Administration Hub quickly adapted and developed a fully accredited e-learning course on remote learning. Their online remote working course was inspired by the need to ensure individuals stood out from the remote working crowd, and subsequently, gave employers confidence in their new look remote teams.


Review and re-evaluate your digital strategies to gain new opportunities and the increase digital market share.

Support your professional development with accredited certified e-learning course from The Administration Hub.

Enhance your client service delivery. Listening to the clients gives valuable insight into what consumers want, and building that relationship enables businesses to identify their needs and assist them efficiently.

Support your teams by enrolling them in the TAH accredited e-learning course to ensure they have the knowledge, accountability, and expertise to work remotely in a professional and secure manner. Find out more information.


As 2021 approaches, thoughts abound what resolutions we can make to improve our personal and professional lives in the New Year. The most essential of these should be to create opportunities to empower yourself and/or your teams. Aim to create a work environment where you can thrive whilst building genuine, flexible work structures to help you flourish in the marketplace.

While we navigate the different levels of lockdown and gradually try to adjust to our new normal in 2021, we draw strength from this inspirational message:

“2020 has been an emotional roller-coaster in business and life. As much as we have wanted to stop and get off many times our passion and commitment for what we stand for and provide has not let us! Our resilience has been tested and we have recognised that a priority in business was the need for a Plan B. Our final thoughts for this year are to all be kind, be strong, be positive and keep going. With this we can reach our goals together and develop our personal and business growth in 2021.”

Amy & Katy
The Administration Hub Directors

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